The Knotless Knot

One of the most used knots among carp fishermen. Tying The Knotless Knot is definitely something you have to learn if you are a carp angler.

Different types of baits such as bollies and pop-ups can be fastened to the loop section (or “hair rig”). The rig works extremely well when tied correctly and even has some self-hooking properties.

Always moisten the knot before pulling it tight.

1. To hold the bait tie a loop in the end of the line. Thread the other end of the line through the eye on the back of the hook and adjust the loop to the required length.

2. Now you should double back and make 5 to 8 wraps around the hook shank. Keep the turns neat and orderly.

3. After the last wrap you must run the free end through the eye of the hook.

4. Hold the loop end in the desired position and pull the free end tight while working the wraps up to the eye of the hook. A small drop of rig glue should also be used on the knot.

I’ve been teaching people for over 35 years and know how to make knots that don’t slip or break. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions that you will actually be able to follow, allowing you to master and remember how to tie all the fishing knots you’ll ever need to know. You’ll get it and do it right the first time…I guarantee it!

Tying the Knotless Knot

A step-by-step guide showing you how to tie this widely used Knot, a popular knot among carp fishermen.