The Blood Knot

Complete tying instructions for the Bloodknot. A very well known Fishing Knot used by Flyfisherman, Carp Anglers etc. The Blood Knot, a knot every angler must learn.

Uses: Blood Knots are one of the most favorite knots used by fly fisherman. It is mainly used in the joining of 2 lines of the same size, e.g., when joining sections of tippets or leaders, and is definitely one of the most used knots for this purpose. The strength of this knot is dependable on making at least 5, and up to 7, turns on each side of the center.

Pulling the Knot Tight: When moistened and pulled tight, the structure of the knot changes. When each of the lines are pulled the wrapped turns are forced to redistribute the twists causing the inner strand to become an outer wrap (not illustrated in the animation using rope).

Overlap the 2 ends of the lines that are to be joined. Twist the 1 line around the other making 5 turns around the line.

Bring the tag end of this line back between the 2 lines.

Repeat the process with the other line by wrapping the line in the opposite direction with the same number of turns. Moisten the knot with water or saliva then slowly pull the lines in opposite directions. The turns should wrap and gather. To finish clip the ends close to the knot.

Bloodknot Tying Instructions