Have a delicious seafood dinner with these 7 freshwater fish

Have a delicious seafood dinner with these 7 freshwater fish

One of the best things about fishing is that it gives you the sense of accomplishment of getting your own food. Through fishing, your family or friends will know that the delicious meals you’re serving them are a labour of love. 

So if you’re looking to impress them even more with great meals, we at Fishing Knots have prepared for you a list of the best tasting freshwater fish you should catch for an amazing dinner. 


Traditionally found in Northern USA and Canada, this freshwater fish is characterized by its flaky, soft texture, and a flavour that’s mild but sweet. When making the Walleye for lunch or dinner, it must be cooked on a grill, and lightly seasoned with pepper, salt, and some freshly squeezed tangy lemon. 


If you’re looking for a familiar chicken flavour and texture, the Trout native to North America, Asia, Europe is the perfect fish for you to catch! When serving Trout for dinner, our personal suggestion is to immerse it in olive oil, melted butter, garlic, Italian seasoning, and topped with parsley. 

Largemouth Bass

Dense in texture, this fish has a deliciously mild taste with a hint of sweetness. To cook the beautiful fish that’s native to North America, we’d like to suggest that you slice this fish into bite-sized pieces, cover it with chicken breading, and then deep fry it until it becomes golden brown.


Caught in freshwaters all across the Northern hemisphere, including in Europe, Canada, and the United States, the Pike species of fish is one of the most flavourful meals you can have. With its strong fishy flavour, this will be a perfect choice for those who enjoy the authentic flavours of the sea. To prepare this, we’d like to suggest that you grill the fish, then serve it with seasoned tomatoes, onions, carrots, and bell peppers. 


Found all over the world in various freshwater areas, the Catfish is one of the most common and delicious fish meats that you can find and cook. Known for its tender density and mild taste, the Catfish is a versatile fish that everyone loves! To prepare this fish for your next meal, we’d like to suggest that you prepare the Catfish marinated in buttermilk, then covered in a delicious chicken breading, and served with thick slices of french fries. 


Finally, we end this list with one of the most common and beloved species of fish: Salmon. Known for its meaty texture and mild salty taste, the Salmon is perfect for special filling lunch meals. When preparing Salmon, we’d like to suggest that you slice it into a small rectangle, and place it on top of freshly steamed Japanese white rice, then serve with Kikkoman sauce mixed with spicy Wasabi.

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