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Fly Fishing Knots, Carp Knots, Saltwater Knots etc are all the Knots For Fishing or Fishing Line Knots that we will cover on your search of…. How To Tie Fishing Knots.

Fishing knots are created to be tied with either a mono or a coated or un-coated braided line and should have the ability to pass through fishing rod eyes and rings as well as a fishing rig. For that reason they need to be as small and as strong as possible. Learning a new knot takes patience and practice. Some knots may seem challenging at the beginning but with some practice you will soon tie all these knots like a master.

Angling line knots must be pulled extremely tight before it is used. To ensure knots tighten smoothly, and to help minimize the amount of heat generated, the knot should be moistened with either water or saliva. Trim the ends of all knots closely against the knot. A nail clipper is a very good tool for this purpose.

Some of the most popular knots include the Palomar Knot (one of the well-known fly knots), Nail Knot, Blood Knot, Clinch Knot and the Knotless Knot. The different knots all have their own unique uses and it is wise to learn as many knots as possible to make sure that you have the right fishing knot for the right situation.

The Tie-Fast Knot Tool is a handy little tool that ties several different types of knots. These knots are quick to tie and they are very strong. For more information on this tool Click Here.

How to tie Fishing Knots – Snell Knot

In this knots video you get some good tips on snelling and flipping plus you get to learn how-to tie a Snell Knot


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Due to its relaxing, brings-you-back-to-nature feel, fishing is one of the most fun activities you can enjoy with your friends and family. That’s why here at Fishing Knots, we want to help you enjoy the fun experiences fishers like us have had by giving you simple fishing guides. 

As your first guide, we will be sharing with you below why we love fishing and why you should too: 

Fishing is an excellent physical activity

Like people have always said, health is, indeed, our greatest wealth. To make sure that we always stay healthy and physically active, we frequently find the time to go fishing. Here at Fishing Knots, the team has regular fishing outings to help everyone develop their shoulders, back, arms, core, and legs. 

This development happens when a fish catches our bait, and we struggle to make sure to catch the fish we just caught on our rod. To help further our physical activities, we usually assemble at our office first, and we all take a walk in a lake that’s near us. 

So if you want to stay strong and have fun, fishing is a fun activity to do! 

Fishing is an excellent way to bond

As the team usually comes together to go out fishing, we spend a lot of time together and we get to know more about each other. Yes, one of the best things about fishing is that it’s better with others and that you’ll get to be closer to your friends and family more intimately. So when you’re going out fishing, make sure that you bring people along for the adventure. 

Fishing is an excellent back to nature activity

A perfect way to reconnect with nature, fishing gives you a breath of fresh air, the nourishing energies of the sun, and the relaxing sounds of streams of water. So if you’re looking to reconnect with your more natural side and get relaxed, fishing is an excellent activity for you to enjoy.

Fishing is an excellent way to teach patience

As the world becomes more convenient and fast, our minds tend to grow more impatient as time goes on. In fact, When our team goes fishing, some of our newer writing contributors have been impatient when waiting to catch fish. However, as time went on, they’ve managed to grow their patience, and even appreciate the beauty of its stillness. 

So if you find yourself feeling impulsive and impatient, fishing is a great way for you to unwind and be a better person. 

Fishing helps you build your self-esteem

Finally, the best part about fishing is that you feel a great sense of accomplishment for your meals. There was a time where we managed to have a fun lunch only using all of the fish we’ve caught earlier in the morning. We all had lots of fun as we felt pride in the great meals we’ve prepared for each other. So if you’re looking to have that great sense of accomplishment, make sure to go fishing!  

For more guides and other information about fishing, make sure to frequently visit us here at Fishing Knots.